Monday, 4 July 2016

Warehouse Management : Receiving at different warehouse

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 allows to receive purchase orders on different locations as compared to warehouses that are available on source documents. I recommended not to implement this option as it will prone to mistakes where inventories are received at wrong locations.

On the other hand this is required by businesses in order to continue their operations if shipments are received on different warehouses. Since this option can be enabled any time - so I recommend to enable this option as and when required.

Also a note here that receiving is only possible on same site but different warehouse. To enable this option navigate to warehouse management > setup > warehouse setup > site

 Once enabled receiving can be done in a normal way. One of the most important thing to be discussed here is : regardless inventory is received at any warehouse, product receipt will be shown for the warehouse from the source document, though on-hand and inventory will be available on actual warehouse. As shown in screen below where source document warehouse was 52 whereas inventory was received at warehouse 51

Mustafa Chohan

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