Sunday, 14 April 2013

Setting up a Retail Store in MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Hi fellows,

Today I am going to post simple steps that shows how can we setup a retail store in MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2. DAX Retail Store is an extension of a Warehouse Concept. So we start with creating a new warehouse. It is better we should create a new site for Stores, and create all Store Warehouses under that site.

1) Create A New Warehouse

Navigate to Inventory & Warehouse Management > Setup > Inventory Breakdown > Warehouses

Enter all the basic information and mark Store under the retail tab.

2) Create a Retail Channel for Organisation Hierarchy

For the purpose of Organisation hierarchy we need to create Retail Channel first.

Navigate to Organisation Administration > Common > Organisation > Internal Organisation 

Click Internal Organisation > Retail Channel

While creating a retail channel select the Warehouse created in Step # 1. 

3) Create Organisation Hierarchy for Retail Channel

For Replenishment, Assortment and Reporting we need to create an Organisation Hierarchy specifically for retail stores. We can add all retail based purposes to one hierarchy or create multiple hierarchies for each purpose. 

Navigate to Organisation Administration > Common > Organisation > Organisation Hierarchy

Click new Organisation Hierarchy, enter the name and click Assign Purpose, for testing purpose associate all purposes to single organisation hierarchy. 

  • Retail POS Posting
  • Retail Assortment
  • Retail Replenishment
  • Retail Reporting

View the newly created Hierarchy to edit it, add newly created Retail Channel and publish the Organisation Hierarchy. in the image you can see retail channels lie under Business Units. 

4) Create a Retail Store

Navigate to Retail > Common > Retail Channels > Retail Store

Create a New Store [ I will not go through with each and every information but following information must be keyed with caution]

  • Warehouse (as step 1)
  • Employee Address Book (So store could know, who can log in)
  • Default Customer (10001 in case of Contoso)
  • Screen Layout ID (GUI for POS)
  • Functionality Profile (Options for registers like Reason Codes for Transactions, Receipt Numbering Formats, etc)
  • Other information
Save the newly created store and click Price Groups, to select applicable Price Groups.

5) Create Assortments

Assortments helps us to map products to particular store, to create Assortments navigate to Retail > Common > Assortments

Create New Assortments, Add Retail Channels and finally add products. Publish the Assortment

Verify that products has been published to store, by opening the Store Page, and click View Assortments & View Channel Products. To must see the products mapped with Assortments.

6) Create Registers

Registers are Terminals, to create Registers navigate to Retail > Setup > POS > POS Registers  [ I will not go through with each and every information but following information must be keyed with caution]
  • Hardware Profile (Printer Steps & other Hardware Information)
  • Visual Profile (How POS reacts on terminal)
  • Real Time Service Profile
  • Screen Layout ID (POS GUI on Terminal) 

7) Verify Distribution Location & Distribution List

Navigate to Retail > Setups > Retail Scheduler > Distribution Locations

Verify our newly created Store exist in this list, if not create a location assign appropriate Database Profile and Data Exchange Settings

Navigate to Retail > Setups > Retail Scheduler > Distribution Locations List

Verify our newly created Store exist in Default Distribution Location List, If not add it manually.

8) Synchronize Newly Created Store

The last step is to push data to newly created stores, for that navigate to Retail > Periodic > Data Distribution > Distribution Schedule and run all N-Jobs.

Thanks for reading :)



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