Saturday, 2 July 2016

Warehouse Management : Purchase Order Receiving Process

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 allows different workflows to be implemented in order to meet business process related to purchase order receiving. In this post my intention is the explain the most simplest process which can be implemented by small organisations.

1. Purchase order generation and submission to vendor
2. Receiving of purchase order via mobile portal
3. Setting up a batch job for posting of product receipts


All warehouses must be marked to use Microsoft Dynamics AX warehouse management processes, in order to implement the process. Automatic creation of load entry must be marked in warehouse management parameters available at Warehouse management > Setup > Warehouse Management Parameters

Purchase Order receiving and put away operation must be setup at Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile Device > Mobil Device Menu Items. 

Operation must allow to generate license plate automatically. 

Above created operation must be associated with the menu item at Warehouse management > Setup > Mobile Device > Mobil Device Menu

Batch Job must be scheduled / or manually executed in order to post the product receipts automatically. Batch job can be scheduled from Warehouse management > Periodic > Update Product Receipts


Generation of a Purchase Order:

  1. To create a purchase order navigate to Procurement & Sourcing > Common > All Purchase Orders > Purchase Orders 
  2. Create and confirm one purchase order with a Warehouse Module Enabled Site & Warehouse

Open Mobile Portal and perform PO Receiving and Put Away Operation:

 Enter the PO number, item number and quantity
Confirm the PUT location and license plate generated by the system, continue the process for all items. Once done a batch job can be either manually executed or via scheduled process. To review the receiving posted navigate to same purchase order and check for Product Receipts.  Product Receipt Posting : will be automatically posted by setting up a scheduled batch job.

Mustafa Chohan


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