Saturday, 14 November 2015

Price Details In Microsoft Dynamics AX

Hi Guys,

I have resumed my blog from today :) - and will try to introduce as much functionalities as I can. Going through Dynamics AX, I came across with a price details functionality both available in Sales and Procurement side.

To enable the functionality,

For Purchase Orders: Navigate to Procurement & Sourcing > Setup > Procurement & Sourcing Parameters > Prices > Enables Price Details

For Sales Orders: Navigate to Accounts Receivable > Account Receivable Parameters > Prices > Enable Price Details

Functionalities enables users to review in detail about the prices being fetched by the system, to see the price details on Purchase Orders,  navigate to Purchase Orders Lines > View > Price Details on Purchase Order Main Form.

Similar to Purchase Order functionality is also available on Sales Order. 
Hope this would be helpful for those who are always in hunt to see how prices on Dynamics AX Purchase Orders and Sales Orders are formulated.