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Warehouse Management : Location Directives & Purchase Order Processing

With warehouse management location directives functionality users at the warehouse can place item at their correct locations. While system will suggest where to put what. 

In our example we will receive a purchase order receiving of following items: 

  1. Item 000146 : DAX Water Bottle : 500 BOXES
  2. Item 000151 : DAX Fresh Juice : 500 BOXES

At the time of receiving users at warehouse inspected the items and found that:

  1. Item 000146 : DAX Water Bottle : 2 BOXES are DAMAGED
  2. Item 000146 : DAX Water Bottle : 498 BOXES are in GOOD Condition
  3. Item 000151 : DAX Fresh Juice : 2 BOXES are EXPIRED
  4. Item 000151 : DAX Fresh Juice : 1 BOX is DAMAGED
  5. Item 000151 : DAX Fresh Juice : 497 BOXES are in GOOD Condition

Due to nature of inventory,

  1. Damaged or Expired DAX Fresh Juice and DAX Water Bottle is requuried to be placed at RETURN location to process inventory returns
  2. DAX Fresh Juice to be placed in FREEZER Location
  3. DAX Water Bottle to be placed in NORMAL Location
Following are the setups must be available in order to execute the above process:

Inventory Status : 3 Inventory status must be available (Available, Damaged and Expired). Inventory status Damaged and Expired must be marked for BLOCKED

Disposition Codes : 3 Inventory Disposition Codes must be setup (GOOD, Damaged and Expired) and associated with respective Inventory statuses

Location Directives : We have to setup location directive for each disposition code where system will realize where to put what inventory. Status for damaged and expired is set for 'Fixed and non-fixed locations' while Available is set for 'Only fixed locations for the product'

Fixed Locations: In this example we have setup a fixed location, so that inventory can only be placed at correct location. Other then fixed location we can setup a zone, zone group or location profile to determine the correct location during the PUT process.

To execute the process:

Create a purchase vendor with two items:

  1. Item 000146 : DAX Water Bottle : 500 BOXES
  2. Item 000151 : DAX Fresh Juice : 500 BOXES

For a Purchase Order screen we can see the load details created during the purchase order creation (Load is automatically created at the time of PO entry if parameters available at Warehouse Management > Warehouse Management Parameters > Loads > Automatically create at Purchase Order Entry is marked)

To see load details click the Load ID.

Load detail can be printed and submitted to warehouse manager to schedule and plan delivery

In order to process the receuving warehouse managers are required to sign in to Portal with User ID and Password provided

Select Inbound and proceed to Purchase Recieve

Enter PO Number : 004758
Enter Item ID : 000151
Enter Quantity : 1
Select Disposition code : Expired, Damaged or Available

Process to be followed for entire shipment and it should result in following.

Entire inventory is currently avaialble at RECV location as inventory is not moved to destination or bulk locatons, Also you may notice license plates are automatically generated while inventory status entered by the warehouse users are correctly shown.

PUT Process:

Navigate to All Loads list page and Print Pick List - to see the Work Created. 

Different prints are available but the best I can see is the pick list as it shows all the work for the entire load on single page. Where warehouse staff can scan the work ID bar code and complete the PUT process.

To complete the PUT process sign in to Mobile portal. 

Click Inbound and continue with Purchase Put Away Process.

Scan the work ID from the Pick List available from the Load Detail list page.

Verify the work

Continue the process for all others work within the load.

Finalize the PUT process.

Product Receipt can be automatically posted or can be done manually. 

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