Friday, 10 August 2012

Price list in GP vs Trade Agreements in AX

Today, we are going to analyse the difference between Functionality offered by AX and GP for Trade Agreements and Price list respectively. To be very clear in MS Dynamics GP we don't have Vendor Price List, as compared to AX which provides Trade Agreements for both Vendors and Customers.

Price List in MS Dynamics GP,

In inventory module, users can set the price lists. These prices lists are only eligible for Customers, that means users can not manage price list offered by vendors. Users are required to create Price Levels and need to map these prices levels to customers. During creation of Transaction these price levels can be changed. 

Price levels in MS Dynamics GP 2010, allows users to select Quantity from/to, UOM and price amount. Price levels can be setup in Customer Classes to reduce data entry or bulk map of new price lists to customers belonging to that class. There is no option for Activate or Deactivate, users would be required to delete the price list in case of closed offers.

It seems logical, that different company may offer different prices for different warehouse/sites. We miss such functionality in MS Dynamics GP.

Users cannot perform SOP Transaction without setting up price list for the item.

Trade Agreements in MS Dynamics AX 2012

On Product Information Management we can see the trade agreements button on both Purchase Tabs and Sales Tabs. Purchase Trade Agreements works with Item vs Vendors, whereas Sales Trade Agreements works with Item vs Customers. In both the cases uses can select Group of Customers/Vendors, All Customers/Vendors, or Specific Customer/Vendors against Group of Items, All Items or Specific Items.

User can set the prices for Quantities from/to, UOM, Amount, Dates from/to, fixed price charge. Users can bring in Site/Warehouse combination for setting up prices.

In Dynamics AX 2012, users are required to create trade agreements journals, and need to post them in order to make them activate. 

Trade agreements setup, is not necessary. User may enter prices in Item Master, or during transaction. Prices mentioned Trade Agreements are superseded by the prices mentioned in Item Master.

By specifying the To Date we can expire the trade agreement, and start new one.

The main plus point for AX 2012, it that it provides separate pricing functionality for Vendors. Something which is very much required by MS Dynamics GP 2010.

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