Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Controlling Items to be Purchased from Specific Vendors

After a long time, this is my first post in regards to my study towards Comparison between MS Dynamics AX 2012 and MS Dynamics GP 2010. One of the functionality I found interesting in both ERP is in regards to Vendor Assignment. This comparison is not about which ERP is better it is more about which ERP fulfils your requirements.

1. MS Dynamics GP 2010 provides users capability to relate Site to Vendors

2. I cannot see so far, specific vendors for specific sites in MS Dynamics AX 2012, for example  for site NORTH I got Vendor MR Khan, as contrast to site SOUTH I got Vendor MR Zain. Primary Vendor per Site reduce the data entry on most of the forms of MS Dynamics GP 2010.

3. In MS Dynamics GP 2010, we cannot purchase an item from a Vendor that is not assigned to Items (Even in case to Temporary Vendor)

4. In MS Dynamics AX 2012, we can purchase the item from any vendor until Item is not Vendor Controlled (See below). We still have two option in case Item is Vendor Controlled, System Warning or Process Stop.

5. In MS Dynamics AX2012, we have expiry dates for Vendors, one of the feature that is not available in MS Dynamics GP2010. Also the Vendor Agreements provide more advantage to AX2012 as compared to GP2010. Agreements shall be covered in Futures posts.

Vendor Assignment Process in AX2012

1. User will be required to control the item by Approved Vendor
2. Navigate to Product Information Management > Common > Released Products
3. Select the Product, click Maintain> Edit
4. On the Purchase Fast Tab Select any of the two option for Approved Vendor

5. Add Approved Vendors to the item 
6. Navigate to Product Information Management > Common > Released Products>Purchase Tab > Approved Vendors Setup
7. Add Vendors Effective and Expiry Date or Expiration as Never (EXPIRY DATE FEATURE IN NOT AVAILABLE IN MS DYNAMICS GP 2010)

8. After doing this setup Users would not be able to create POs for vendors that are not in approved list.
9. Users will have info logs like

Vendor Assignment Process in GP2010

1. Navigate to Cards > Inventory > Vendors
2. Select the item number
3. Make sure Vendor Lookup is selected to ALL
4. Select the Vendor, Click save
5. Repeat the steps for Each Vendor

6. We can clearly see that MS Dynamics GP provide more options for planning in case for Assigned Vendors.
7. Also in case when users are creating POs, and in case vendors are not assigned we get an option, that Vendor is not assigned and do we need to assign (WE CANNOT PURCHASE INVENTORY WITH UNASSIGNED VENDOR)

On clicking YES, users are taken to Same window (5) to assign the vendor.

8. Default Vendor for each site,

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