Saturday, 25 June 2011

Scheduling Reports on FRx 6.7 through Email

With the help Microsoft FRx 6.7, you can schedule reports and send them via email to executives and managers. Managers may setup their own requirements and get reports on time rather then asking for reports to their sub ordinates. I assume that FRx 6.7 is already installed with latest service pack. Fabrikam reports will be used to schedule the reports. Microsoft Outlook 2010 need to be configured and setup as default Email Sender to send reports from FRx.

Follow these steps to get it done,

Install Report Server from FRx CD

Once it is installed, restart the computer.

Run the report server, to check it runs perfectly

Run FRx 6.7 Report Designer and click tabs > OUTPUT > EMAIL OPTIONs, add the required email, subject and Message options, SAVE THE REPORT.

To schedule the Report, Click Schedule Report button on Catalog.

Click ADD on Schedule page, to add reports click Catalog Selection. Set the interval and all other necessary information and click SAVE.

Report is perfectly scheduled.

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