Thursday, 9 August 2012

Inventory Master in AX vs GP

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Today I am going to share how inventory master in MS Dynamics GP 2010 differs from one that has been introduced in MS Dynamics AX 2012. Clearly MS Dynamics AX 2012 provides more functionality as compared to GP 2010. Since we are only focusing the inventory master, some functionalities may be kept un-discussed. Also we are just discussing the TOP Differences, as I wont be able to write down all in singe post :)

Top 6 Differences (which I believe) 
  1. MS Dynamics AX 2012 provides the concept of Shared Products, which means I just need to create a Product one time and that information will be shared across the group (Multiple entities)
    1. Certain information will be shared, and certain information is company-wide.
    2. Administrators are required to Release the products to entities in order to be used by the users of the entity.
  2. Not new in AX2012, but still one of the most important feature of DAX 2012 that it provide dimensions for the inventory, i.e. Size, Colour & Configuration. We can rename the Size & Colour, but not the configuration dimension.
    1. These dimensions enable, organisation to reduce load on Item Master
    2. For example, a company deals in Coloured Cups, each colour has its own value. i.e in case black cup is not available customer would not accept the white one. In this scenario 
      1. GP Says, it need to create each CUP as a separate item
        1. CUP-WHITE, CUP-BLACK and So on
      2. AX Says, just create the item CUP and define multiple Colour Dimensions.
        1. Colours would be treated as Values of Dimension Color, and be made required for the item. AX shall manage the inventory quanities based on these colors
  3. I believe Categories in MS Dynamics GP (Limited to 6 Only) are Product attributes in MS Dynamics AX 2012. Again in DAX 2012, it is not limited to 6 and users could add unlimited number of attributes to the product.
  4. Tracking Dimension Groups in AX provides more options as compared to GP which is just a selection for tracking as Serialized, Lot or None. See the AX Screen shot below
  5. Similarly Storage Dimensions enables Users to manage, how they wish to manage storage for the item. GP Lacks such functionality, as we only have Site/Bin.
  6. Item Model Group in DAX2012, provides detailed configuration on how Items would be valued/ handled. We miss such options in MS Dynamics GP2010

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